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An Extension of Your Team.

Dedicated to Your Success.

Why Us? We can think of a few reasons. Our experience. Our flexibility. Our success stories. We go beyond regular consultants. We identify and elevate key areas, ensuring your RevOps engine runs not just smoothly but at peak performance.

We Compare Favorably with the Competition


Stage Activity Agency/Integrator RevPal
Planning Holistic Strategy No Yes
Long-term Strategic Partnership No Yes
In-depth Revenue Strategy Expertise No Yes
Future Revenue Opportunities Foresight No Yes
Market Trend Analysis No Yes
Customer Lifecycle Management No Yes
Flexibility in Strategy No Yes
Execution Technology Implementation Yes Yes
Focus on GTM Efficiency No Yes
Integrated with Client Teams Sometimes Yes
Rigid in Scope Yes Yes
Project-based Engagements Yes Yes
Steady State Technical Problem Solving Yes Yes
Continuous Optimization Focus No Yes
Reactive or Proactive Reactive Proactive +


We Are RevPal

We're more than consultants; we're your partners in driving scalable solutions as your team grows.  We will partner with you and key organizational stakeholders to align on GTM strategy, KPIs, Processes, Systems, and more. 


Christian Freese

Co-Founder & CEO

Christian Freese brings extensive experience in business development and operations management. He excels in leading cross-functional teams, driving strategic initiatives, and implementing solutions across industries such as fintech and technology. Christian focuses on process optimization and organizational efficiency, delivering measurable improvements and streamlined operations for clients.


Christopher Acevedo

Co-Founder & COO

Christopher Acevedo has over a decade of experience in Revenue Operations within the SaaS industry. He has successfully optimized sales, marketing, and customer success processes through effective system implementations and data-driven insights. Christopher is proficient in using platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce to improve efficiency and ensure alignment across revenue-generating teams, delivering seamless operations and increased growth potential for clients.


Nicholas Pallavinci

Revenue & Growth

Nicholas Pallavicini has a strong background in sales and business development. With a proven track record of driving revenue growth and leading successful sales initiatives, he leverages his expertise in the technology sector to create strategic sales plans and optimize performance. Nicholas is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business goals through data-driven insights and effective sales strategies.


Alex Choi

GTM Systems Advisor

Alex Choi specializes in revenue operations and business strategy. With a broad background in sales, marketing, and customer success, he is skilled at streamlining processes and driving growth. Alex uses data analytics and CRM platforms to enhance performance and ensure alignment across teams, helping clients improve their revenue operations and achieve strategic objectives.


Zoe Nero

People Operations

Zoe Nero brings a wealth of experience in workflow management and human resources. She excels in developing efficient processes, implementing HR strategies, and managing workforce operations. Zoe's expertise includes talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management. She is dedicated to helping organizations optimize their HR functions and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our Partners

Our team proudly partners with the best marketing, sales, and success technologies so our clients can leverage each tool and architect their entire stack for maximum return.